22 June 2014

Sunday regroup

Sunday was the day I have been holding out for for a while. All the kids birthdays and parties behind me. Nothing to do, plan or think about. No commitments, no appointments, nada. Hallelujah

Lazy morning with coffee in bed and an episode of House Husbands.

House Husbands
I just LOVE and ADORE this Australian show. It is a drama series (not reality) that follows the lives for four families where the men are primary caregivers. It is so cleverly written and unpredictable; the characters engaging and believable. Am a sucker for a great story! Oh, and the kids can watch too as it is not overtly sexual and the language is passable.

Had a long, slow bath and headed to the mall with Russ. The mall, without kids and WITH Russell is a much happier place than I imagined. We did some bits n pieces, returned home and mellowed until he had to leave for the airport at 4pm.

It was such a beautiful day; the dogs were restless so I dragged myself down to the beach for a walk. Very glad I did as it was truly magnificent down there AND I found my parents enjoying the evening too.

Only thing missing was Russ….who was sitting at the airport waiting to catch a delayed flight. :-(

Monday is coming - last week of school ahead and then a much-deserved break for us all.

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Lynette Jacobs said...

The golden hour...and you have the stunning photos to prove it. Love the light at this time of the day.