20 June 2014


The girls have been doing a course in Ted.Ed around public speaking, sharing ideas and experiences and generally coming to grips with preparing a speech of sorts.

It has been STRESSFUL to say the least. They have each had to come up with an idea and flesh it out to present next week, 27 June. This is scary stuff for 99% of the population so I am being as supportive as possible whilst encouraging them along the way.

I am very impressed that both have decided to get up there and SPEAK. In the beginning Faith felt she may want to do a voice-over presentation however she is now confident enough to present in person. Huge. HUGE.

These are their talks. Right now they are busy preparing there visual presentations that will accompany their speech.



HI, my name is Faith. My passions are fashion, designing and dancing.

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a fashion designer. I have always had a love for clothing, textiles and creating different outfits out of ordinary clothing.

I wanted to talk to you about following your dreams and passions and not being deterred because you are young. I thought I would share with you how my journey into fashion is beginning and I am only 10!

My mom has been a blogger for 7 years and has developed frienships with people all over the world. These people have followed her blog and become virtual friends. One of these friends alerted my mom to a competition that Ackermans, a local clothing store, were running.

Ackermans were looking for a team of ‘style bloggers’ ranging in age from 9 to 13 years old. For the first round I had to post a photo of myself in my favourite look and write about why this outfit was my favourite.

I made it through this round and the next one was quite challenging.  It was exciting getting my package in the post – they sent us cardboard, stationery and magazines to help us get started. I remember going out in the rain to collect the big envelope.

Now I had to create a mood board that defined my personal style.  I did not even know what a mood board was! My mom googled and showed me many different types of boards and I slowly began to understand what was required.

I was very confident about the first board I created so imagine my distress when my mom tells me ON MY BIRTHDAY that my board was all wrong. We had to do the board landscape and I had done it portrait. I was devastated and very angry that my mom had not read the instructions properly!

I must say this round was quite stressful.  Sometimes I just felt angry and wanted to give up. The deadline loomed closer and I designed many boards but as my anxiety grew so my creativity died. My frustration levels were very high.

Finally my mom sat me down with various photographs of myself. She then sent me off to create a board completely on my own and I finally did something that I felt represented who I am.

 I felt happy that I had given of my best and win or lose I knew there was nothing more I could have done.

A week went by and I was just relieved that it was all over, just to wait and see if I made the cut! Then one evening my mom told me the exciting news that I had made the final cut – I was so excited because this is where my journey starts!

Not only have I won an ipad mini which is AWESOME but Ackermans will now design me my own website and logo. Every month they will give me R300 to spend at their store to create my favourite looks. This will then be uploaded to my very own website and all the Ackermans customers will get to see what I create.

I will do this for 12 months and then stand in line to win R15 000 . Winning the money would be great, I will spend a little but save the rest for my business one day; or maybe for college. 

Ultimately though my win is in the experience I will gain doing something I love every month!

So never give up on your dreams and share your passion with those around you because your opportunity may be just around the corner!




Despite the title I am not going to get into a debate about whether homeschooling is better or worse than regular schooling. Instead I am going to share my honest experience in both mediums of education.

I was in a regular, private school until half way through Grade 6.  I thoroughly enjoyed school life and had many friends. I had always thought homeschoolers were kind of weird until my sister started school at home.  I then realized that maybe I had the wrong idea!

Many doors have opened for me in this year. I have been able to work at a local pre-school once a week. I have a love of working with children and this opportunity has enabled me to learn to work with regular kids and those with special needs. The class teacher has given me so much scope and has encouraged me to contribute to the class as I wish. One of the children has cerebral palsy and another a severe speech impediment – I get such satisfaction in helping them and seeing their progress.

I have also been offered the opportunity to assist in tutoring some younger children in Afrikaans. This would be my first paying job and it is really gratifying to earn my own money while doing something I enjoy.

But it is not ALL fun and games. There have been bumps in the road but nothing that I have not been able to overcome. I am definitely happier; so many things I hated have become easier and more enjoyable. Learning is definitely more fun the way we do things at home.

TIME has become my friend. I was always rushed and felt very pressured when I was at school. This caused me to be stressed and moody. I do have time limits and schedules for each week but I can use my own discretion as to how, when I get the work done as long as IT GETS DONE!

We have formed co-operational groups within our friendship circles and we enjoy learning content-based subjects together like history, geography and science as well as extras like art and cooking.

I realize many people think homeschoolers are weird and unsocialised. I was of this mind too until I became one of ‘them’.  I do still have all my regular schooled friends, I miss them, the class jokes, their news, the latest slang and often feel out of the loop but now it is up to me to make the effort to see them as I am not part of their world anymore.

While I am grateful for all the opportunities homeschooling is offering me I am still aware of what I am missing like school dances, socials and plays.  I do have to remind myself on difficult days that the education and opportunities I am receiving right now will outweigh these small things in the long run.

I am beginning to understand that great things do not come without sacrifice.



Lynette Jacobs said...

Reading this is awesome...they both already know what they want from life and they go after it...I love that.

Sarah said...

Wooohooo! I have finally read the scripts of the talks! Wish I could have seen them present them live :-) SO proud of my nieces :-)