29 June 2014

Weekend In Pictures

Saturday mornings….. park run. Faith was the only sprog to join us. It was not a good day for her - she had a really bad run and for the first time she could relate to my grumpiness after a crappy run. ;-)

Thankfully it was an exquisite day so we simply walked/ran in the sun filled, crisp autumn morning - the dogs came along and were only to happy to explore and mingle with all the other runners and dogs.

The jeep track to nowhere
Later that morning I stole some time to go to the new Meeting Place in Kommetjie with my folks. The coffee was horrendous but hopefully that will be remedied very soon …. Baseline's details have been made available to the owner and he was very keen.  A quick walk on the beach rounded out our morning.

my lovely mom on long beach

That afternoon we shot through to town to drop Levi off for his birthday sleepover with D & S - much excitement at the thought of all-night movies and all your can eat pizza and all you can drink creme soda!!

We then went off to fetch the my little American nieces from Canal Walk. Their mom (Russells sister) is staying with a friend in the northern suburbs while the girls come hang out with us for about 10 days.

There was much catching up and 'elastic looming' happening until the wee hours. Eventually at midnight I became seriously grumpy and put an end to the celebrations!

Sunday morning Russ and I decided to forgo trying to get 4 exhausted girls dressed and up. I simply wanted to get out into the beautiful crisp sunshine and RUN! We had to fetch Levi in town anyway so we left the lazy gals at home and headed to Sea Point to run the promenade before fetching Levi. What a treat - my body did not respond well (bad body day) but my head loved being out and about in new surroundings.
sunday morning run on promenade

happy days at the park with Uncle Deon and Stacy
 We came home around 3pm and found the girls still in their pjs but happily looming away.
Eventually they found their way into clothes and began planning their (my!) itinerary for the week.

and the list gets longer

Rosslyn is dog mad!
 One shopping mall after the next punctuated with eating excursions at every eatery in the southern peninsula…..eish. (contributions welcome!)


Lynette Jacobs said...

Lovely photos...running at Sea Point looks amazing.

Marleen Swart said...

Love the running photos :)