18 June 2014

Weekend in Review

It has been one of those wonderful weekends where we didn't do much but yet it felt like a real holiday. I think with Russell working away all week our weekends are held much dearer and we tend to make full use of our time; appreciate it more.

Saturday was cold and rainy and I honestly cannot remember much about the day other than sleeping in  and watching movies and possibly eating/drinking more than usual!

Sunday being Fathers day we decided to head out and do something. Bizarrely we ended up seeing Maleficent and I was pretty impressed with the movie. I am not a Jolie fan but have to agree no-one could have played the part better and I really enjoyed it. There is a little Maleficent in us all and the story did provoke some interesting discussion.

This one is growing up daily, from early morning showers and getting the hair done
to requests for a bikini for summer. (from my hot pants and second skin girl?!)

While at the mall we picked out a new dishwasher (hallelujah!) and I also purchased some new duds from Mr Price Sports and Cotton On. One would be justified in thinking it was Mothers Day all over again. ;-)

She is growing in confidence - ambled over to Marcels to find out the options
and paid with her debit card. Her sibs followed not long after!
We popped in at Tribeca for a coffee then mosey-ed over to Simons Town for a late lunch at The Meeting Place deli.

On Monday (Youth Day) Russ and I headed out for a long road run. I had to seriously twist his arm as he is a trail junkie of note. I just wanted to get in the zone, not concentrate on every step, which is essential when trail running. He relented and agreed to accompany me and we had such a great run - easy on the whole with a little hill action toward the end. Loved it.

Slow, unimpressive trudge up Black Hill but I surprised myself and Got It Done.

We arrived home to find dogs and kids chomping at the bit so loaded the 6 of them up and went for a long beach/wetlands walk.

The afternoon found us huddling in the lounge, fire going and series on the box.

Grabbing puddles of sunshine at every opportunity.

What stays with me most this weekend is the lightheartedness that seemed to flow in and around us over these few days. We have not had an easy year (euphemism alert) and I was actually quite stunned to realize how tense we had all been. It really feels like I can breath again. This is always a good thing.



Ordinarylife said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad things are going well.

Ordinarylife said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad things are going well.

Ordinarylife said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad things are going well.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Sounds as if you are making the most of your time together over weekends. It is wonderful that it just flows naturally and ghat you are enjoying each other. I seriously miss seeing you and your Mom. Will have to make a date to catch up when we come down to CT later this year.

Flowrsinher Hair said...

damnnnnn - loving rachie's hair.