27 June 2014

Winter Break is HERE

This last week has been spent focussing on refining the Ted talk delivery and finalising the visual presentations. Matt is Rachel's age and he was also at school with her last year. They share many common  friends and experiences from their school going days and seem to really enjoy working together. He is a great kid and I must add that Levi LOVES having him around as a soccer buddy!

doing kahn on their iPads 

each in their own space as sometimes distraction is too great!

TED talk rehearsals at my place on Tuesday

The girls both presented their Ted talks today and did a brilliant job. It could not have gone off any better, their delivery was smooth and their visuals went off seamlessly. I was very proud of them as it was not an easy task.

I was, in fact, blown away by all the kids doing talks today. Many of them had to push through significant fears to get up there and speak. All of them delivered thoughtful, provocative talks that left the adults, once again, astounded at the capacity within our children. This experience has once again affirmed many of my beliefs in the model I have chosen to walk with the girls. I took Levi along with me this morning and he has said he definitely wants to be involved in Ted if we ever do it again.

The kids all spent the rest of the day with my friend T and her boys. Such a wonderful easy friendship they all have with ages from 8-13 all hanging out together. Not often you see this and it is certainly one of the advantages of homeschooling - that kids develop the ability to communicate and engage socially across a broad spectrum of ages.

I came home and enjoyed a couple of hours of solitude in my home. A rare commodity these days.

I am so ready for this winter break - lazy reading, series watching and unhurried runs.
The only commitment to consider is dance rehearsals these holidays as Faith is doing both tap and modern eisteddford in August ….both Faith and her teacher will not thank me if ANY rehearsals are missed!

As I type  Russ is en-route home bearing sushi and kfc as is our Friday night tradition; I have The Wedding Singer queued for tonights entertainment. We have found the combination of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore to be a winner across the age ranges in our family.

Happy weekend peoples.

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Lynette Jacobs said...

They have grown so much since I started reading your blog...and that is more than just in years. Be proud Mel...you have done an amazing job with them.