28 July 2014

Monday morning

A typical Monday morning in pictures.

Getting to grips with pre-algebra. Charly sunning herself while we fry our brains.

Each kid getting on with their own work - I decided to walk the dogs today!

Always stylish, totally wasted living in these parts with the most UNstylish people.

Always funky and trendy - rocking the beanies

22 July 2014

Levi's Poem

The kids were bored a few weeks ago so we decided to do something unusual.

The brief? Look at this picture and tell me what you see. Levi was quite challenged but very pleased with his result. Below is the original, unedited result. :-)

the water hitting the rocks the moss growing green
the trees as high as the sky 
the lovly silver water rapids as fast as a cheetah
all green as far as the eye can see 
green green as you can see

as the vines hang down the leafs on the trees as bright green
as you no this place is very remote
leafes floating on the water moving and moving around in a circle
like a miracle in the water 
some grow some die some turn green some don't turn green
the wind blowing the trees

21 July 2014

They are all home!

Today was the very first day of homeschool for Levi. In a sense it felt like the first day for all of us. The girls have come full circle in their reaction to having the hooligan join us at home - from abject horror to wistful acceptance.

The day was pretty much all over the place. This has more to do with it being the first day of term than the fact that Hooligan is with us.

I have to say all felt right in the world when I saw them all getting geared up to take our dogs for a walk. Something really cool about this series of photos.

Happy Monday all!

18 July 2014

Lazy Friday News

The day began with a cancelled 8am tap class. Hallelujah - the kids and I stayed in bed and thanked our lucky stars there was no rushing about today.

Somewhere along the line Faith wandered downstairs and made tea for me and 'frothy hot choc' for herself and sibs.

We stayed put in my bed and and watched 2 episodes of Celebrity Wife Swap!

The dog trainer arrived mid morning to take Charly off for some bootcamp at her place. For this I am eternally grateful. One less sentient being to discipline.

I am in dire need of coffee. It is 1240pm and I havent had one cup yet….I really need to incorporate 'brewing the perfect java' into the homeschool curriculum.

Kids are downstairs playing International Business (think Monopoly New Millennium) while I am upstairs supposedly finalizing our schedule for the new school term…

I did wander over to Pinterest and have found some great additions to their work schedule for next term including starting a small garden and some clay sculpture tutorials. Something fresh and new to add to our usual line-up.

I have to say its getting harder and harder to send Levi to school each term. He now desperately wants to be home schooled. The time is not right yet though but it is very difficult for him to grasp that - let alone the fact that I WANT him home but won't allow it - yet!

Happy weekend all.


17 July 2014

Family Ties

I really don't quite know where to begin. Each day that passes I sit, pause and think I should just try capture some of the magic. Even on really cruddy days there is always something blog-worthy and yet I haven't quite managed to get it down here.

Let us start with the visit from Russ' sister, who lives in Atlanta so we see them every 2-3 years. I think photos will be the easiest way to share this very special visit.

They bought the same dress….unwittingly!

Bronwyn is the queen hairstylist and did amazing things with Faith lockes.

Just before our big mall excursion. 

Two peas in a pod, these 2 loud extroverts….and they bought the same pants from Cotton-On. 

There were many late nights, card games and band looming.

And plenty of wii action too!

We even squeezed in a last minute photo shoot for the cousins on Noordhoek beach.

Dancing queens!

A visit to the Valyland nursery to see the piglets

and the bunnies…and the chicks…and and and

The kitchen was also busy with Bronwyn baking delights on a regular basis.

It really was such a happy time. Family scattered across continents is tough but thankful they come out to see us!

Russ and his sister, with their beautiful offspring!