21 July 2014

They are all home!

Today was the very first day of homeschool for Levi. In a sense it felt like the first day for all of us. The girls have come full circle in their reaction to having the hooligan join us at home - from abject horror to wistful acceptance.

The day was pretty much all over the place. This has more to do with it being the first day of term than the fact that Hooligan is with us.

I have to say all felt right in the world when I saw them all getting geared up to take our dogs for a walk. Something really cool about this series of photos.

Happy Monday all!


Angela Le Gonidec said...

Ah so decision made I see, best of luck to you all. It must be amazing to have them all home with you x

cat said...

So why did I think you were not planning to do this yet? Hope it works amazingly well!