26 August 2014

Starting from where I stand!

I have a month of life to catch up on but that is way to overwhelming so I will start where I am right now.

At this moment I am in the midst of eistedford performances as well as hosting my sis-in-law and nephew. They are visiting Cape Town for a week to ascertain if boarding school is a good option for my nephew who will be starting Gr 8 next year.

It has been CRAZY around here but Faith is loving all the opportunities to perform. Tonight is our 2 of 4 performances - her group tap dance.

Last night she did her tap solo and has made it through to the finals on Friday. Last week she got Diploma in her modern performance (the highest attainable) so she was super stoked as this was her first modern/jazz performance.

I am pretty exhausted - I am not going to lie - but then again I am simply one of MANY MANY exhausted mothers out there!

I have just come back from watching Levi play a very energetic soccer match (in the rain) and have done hair/make-up for Faith and now it is time to hop in the car and head to town for the show.

I will be back tomorrow (i have carved out a free day!) to update this blog with more news of the last month.


Shayne said...

She looks gorgeous. Big congratulations to her for doing so well and achieving what she set out to, and to u for coping!

cat said...

Great to hear from you and congrats on her (and lets face it - your) achievements. Good luck for the rest and of course, we are all just tired.