22 September 2014

Weekend in Review

Friday afternoon saw my sproggles going off to their cousins for an overnight stay. This did mean that I would have a very quiet house for a couple of hours.

I watched a movie. (I think?) Or maybe I tried to watch a few but I can usually only managed a few minutes and then get totally bored and feel like I am wasting time. Overall I did nothing - I pottered around my house talking to my dogs, staring into the garden and at one stage I found myself sitting on the couch, in the dark in total silence. Why turn on lights. It was maybe a bit weird but I really liked the stillness both visually and auditory. Charly didnt even bark at the runners passing our house - I think she sensed the mood and valued her life.

Saturday morning Russ and I did park-run. He was on a mission….'the only good pace is suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die'. Yes, that was him on Saturday morning - me, not so much. I took it easy as I knew I had a race the next and because easy is all I am capable of doing right now!

We met up with some friends at Parkrun and they invited us for breakfast which was so lovely. They live down the drag but we seldom get together - spontaneous outings are the best!

The afternoon saw me all alone again as Russ took Levi and some mates to Newlands for rugby. Levi had been counting the sleeps until he could take his friends (Newlands virgins) to rugby!

I definitely feel a bit like orphan Annie when my family is out ; I did MAD, CRAZY things like finish the laundry, sorted out cluttered spaces, fixed some curtains and altered my bikini (yes, i did!). I really am a potterer at heart and being in my own house makes me very, very  happy. The only downer was that there was not much food in the house but even that did not tempt me to go to the mall….pronutro and tea did the trick!

Russ arrived home later that evening with all the kids and TomToms GPS watches for us! (he had collected our race numbers and had visited the expo…) Both our gamins died a few month ago and we had been in deliberations as to whether to replace them or look at something new. Happy birthday to Russ and early happy birthday to me!

Sunday morning saw Russ and I crawling out of bed at 0530 to go off and do the Cape Town Peace Run (10km). It was a fantastic experience although i did find the first 2kms annoying as you can't run due to the masses of people….can be a frustration if you are wanting to run a personal best. Anyway, I had no intention of PBing - I just wanted to finish and feel good. Despite the very slow first 2kms I still managed to finish in under an hour (just!) so I was well happy with that.

I really enjoy doing races with Russ - even though it can be intimidating as he really has to tone it down…and my pride aches at times but every now and then he waves a friendly goodbye and runs his own race. ;-)

Sunday arvie was very low-key; took the kids for lunch at FLM, did some housecleaning and then just chilled out. I did watch Dallas Buyers Club on my iPad last night - a movie worth watching and it did proves to me that Matt Mcconaughey (am not a fan) can actually act. He was a shadow of himself - playing an AIDS patients in the 1980's) in this movie and he was truly amazing.

17 September 2014

Photo post from Mcgregs/Montagu Break

Spoilt with gorgeous weather

My very happy man playing the fool!

The super tube at the springs provided HOURS of fun

Never fails to entertain

My beautiful teen

Never enough turn on the super tube - waiting for the attendant

our mini-golf champ

just a-chilling and relaxing, mcgregor style

We found a natural warm waterfall!

my perfect trio

Visiting Green Gables - so pretty

There were 5 in the car and the selfie had to happen...

Lunch - the BEST salads everrrrr!

Dominoes and downtime

Nothing like a super tube to help you find your inner-kid

The dog-whisperer in action 

Some of us are just more organized than others

Awesome dude explores

Dinner adventure in Montagu - we loved Ye Olde Tavern

My handsome mini-man

never to big to find a lap and steal a cuddle

Sunset walks are what we do in mcgregs

School can happen - wherever we go

This little midweek holiday was wonderful - just what we all needed. Looking forward to finding our next place to explore.

09 September 2014


We are back from an amazing week away. we didn't do anything especially spectacular - there was a far amount of series watching, sleeping late, swimming, reading and loafing about.

We spent most of the week in Mcgregor barring a couple of days that were spent at the Avalon Hot Springs. The weather was simply perfect - cool enough to appreciate the warm water but hot enough to still feel the burn of the sun (in a good way)

The kids spent many hours going from the warm pools to the chilly super tube - definitely worth the groupon!

We are back home and getting into school mode is proving a challenge. Not just for the kids but for this mama too. I swear I can feel summer beckoning me and she causes me to enter holiday mode at the drop of a hat!

We always run with the 'work hard in winter, play hard in summer' so as soon as those nets are up at the beach we will be spending many happy hours down there again.

I am far more housebound with the three kids at home. I used to be able to school Faith in 90 minutes a day but now that I am working with all three kids it is proving a time consuming endeavor. Not too mention the squabbles and general hysteria that break out occasionally.

Days like today remind me that I am doing the right thing though. I am comfortable right down in my soul that this path is right; even on the mornings when I wake up and am assaulted by thoughts that ask me 'what have you done, crazy woman!'

Today I employed the services of a lovely young lady (yet another home schooled child, the daughter of my friend, T) to come and help Rachel with some maths. While I am well able to help her, our relationship is tenuous when it come to mathematical debate. I am sure D is going to prove a valuable asset over the next few years.

Tuesday lunchtimes has become our 'hit the gym' slot. I find Virgin far more interesting and exciting when i take my tribe along with me. They are all highly motivated and enjoy working out. Rach LOVES the pool and did over 30 lengths today. Levi and Faith cycled and did other cardio work with me upstairs - Russ is keen to get them all involved in a triathlon in the coming month or two.

I am still running. Been through a lazy patch but never did stop. My enthusiasm waned but have managed to forcibly harness it by registering for two races in the next 4wks. Nothing like a deadline (and the threat of a bad race) to get you up and hitting the road again.  Levi is fast becoming a worthy 5k partner with him hitting a sub-30 recently. Very soon he will be outrunning me - bring it on!

I am unable to upload photos right now as I am rebuilding my photo-library from scratch after it crashed!!! Probably because it was 150gig….I will upload photos this week so pop back to have a look see.