17 September 2014

Photo post from Mcgregs/Montagu Break

Spoilt with gorgeous weather

My very happy man playing the fool!

The super tube at the springs provided HOURS of fun

Never fails to entertain

My beautiful teen

Never enough turn on the super tube - waiting for the attendant

our mini-golf champ

just a-chilling and relaxing, mcgregor style

We found a natural warm waterfall!

my perfect trio

Visiting Green Gables - so pretty

There were 5 in the car and the selfie had to happen...

Lunch - the BEST salads everrrrr!

Dominoes and downtime

Nothing like a super tube to help you find your inner-kid

The dog-whisperer in action 

Some of us are just more organized than others

Awesome dude explores

Dinner adventure in Montagu - we loved Ye Olde Tavern

My handsome mini-man

never to big to find a lap and steal a cuddle

Sunset walks are what we do in mcgregs

School can happen - wherever we go

This little midweek holiday was wonderful - just what we all needed. Looking forward to finding our next place to explore.

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