22 October 2014


Rachel's hair has become a separate person in this house. It has a personality all of its own. It is making us poor trying to find out exactly what it needs to keep it from running a-mock!

I have great sympathy for her as I have never had tricky hair. It has always been a wash 'n wear affair for me. To see her constant battle (and often MY BATTLE!) has been quite a journey.

From time to time I have been taking her to the salon to have it professionally blown out - it lasts beautifully for a week. More recently I have become aware that my bank balance is not going to support this luxury which means I need to add 'professional blowdryer' to my portfolio.

It took me a good hour to get her hair to look like this. It is by NO MEANS perfection but it was free! We will trundle along but one day she is going to have to learn to do this herself as I think this luxurious, untamed head of curls is here to stay!

Talking about hair --- I did have some fun with Faiths this week -- doing a sideways wrap around the head vibe plait. Pretty advanced for someone like me who is still challenged by a french braid!

Levi. No hair issues there so lets take a look at his warrior project instead. He worked diligently on this project and watched the full Shaka series on Youtube.

He also read many books on different warriors before choosing the three he wanted to showcase.

 It is his first completed project since being at home and he is very proud of the work he did!


Angela Le Gonidec said...

I feel her pain, my hair is straight in top and curly underneath. Very fine but a ton of it, on average at salon takes almost 2 hours to blow dry straight 😖.

I have battled it for years and sadly eventually gave in to the chemical route. I had to use the Japanese straightening as none of the others would work, I only have to do it every 18 months and just had it done a second time a few weeks back.

Obviously though this doesn't help your lovely lass....good luck 😁

cat said...

I recently bought "Black like me" products for A's hair and it seems to help. Maybe give that a shot?

And I can not even do and ordinary French braid - kids you not! But ballerina hair, I can do any day

Love that he chose Joan of Arc!