22 October 2015

Facing The Obstacles

Faith and I have both been wrestling lately.

She no longer wants to dance.
I no longer want to run.

These things that used to bring us so much joy and peace now seem like insurmountable, meaningless tasks.

Together we are making a plan. While she dances - I run.

Sometimes neither of us can do it and instead we lie on our beds and watch series.
Or stare into space.

But we have a plan and we are doing our best.


cat said...

I love that you are writing again Mel - one step at a time.

UmoyaFilm said...

There's this scene in Steel Magnolia's I keep thinking about
The Eatenton family has been devastated by the death of their daughter Shelby
Shirley Maclaine's character, Ouiser, curmudgeonly and funny, is the nemesis of Shelby's father, Drum.
Throughout the movie they needle each other, and he's often at the sharp end of her razor wit
there's this moment of humanity at the wake
when, united by their terrible grief and sorrow, they pass each other
there are no words
Ouiser just punches Drum on the shoulder
Drum pauses, nods and walk on
I keep thinking about this scene
and thinking about you
and thinking about Russell
there are no words
just a punch on the shoulder
from me to you

Elexis Bringman said...

I love you, Mel.

Nocturnal Wenchy said...


Nocturnal Wenchy said...


Lynette Jacobs said...

We will just sit and hold your hand.