10 December 2015

Closing the Chapter

I made my blog public when Russ became ill. I wrestled with God for AGES about it as  I was NOT happy to gut myself and bleed in public.

It was one of the single most difficult things for me to do - to pour my pain and grief onto a page for all to see. I did not want to be some poster child for inspiration when I knew very well who I was and how I was processing my circumstances....but I do believe it helped me make sense of the unthinkable and perhaps it helped many others too.

I will never know the full impact but I do know that the season is over.

I will be closing my blog once again. I will simply be writing for us - about our every day lives. There will be no profoundness or inspiration. Just the tick-tock of everyday life and our attempt to live it out in a simple yet intentional fashion.

I want to thank all of you for walking with us so strongly and purposefully in this time. You all have held us in a way I never imagined possible.

With my love always
The FiveTribe

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