18 February 2016

Unpacking The Months:Part Two

(Find Part One here)

It took some time but I finally relented. I had nothing to lose. The email was written and sent.

He facebooked messaged me the same day and we connected on whatsapp on 21 November.

By this time I had regrouped  and was actively going out and living large. I was pushing new boundaries in my own independence and seeking out experiences that would definitely have scared me in a former life. I wasn't really in the 'needy' stage anymore - I kinda felt like I had started getting my shit together.

Then I wrote this blogpost the day before my birthday. I will never forget this day as long as I live. It was brutal.

He texted me  after reading my post, I knew he really GOT IT.  Of course he did....he had been exactly in the space I found myself right that moment. We chatted that night - briefly - around our grief experiences.

Another week or so passed; we began chatting more frequently on whatsapp. Like every day. Slowly we became more acquainted with each others' lives and generally developed a friendship that felt comfortable and easy. He had (has) a wicked sense of humour and an approach to life that mirrors mine so closely that at times it is quite unnerving.

I remember standing in my neighbours' kitchen with a G&T in hand one evening when 'the text' arrived from him. The one that asked if I was free for coffee sometime that week.

Not the one that said 'the kids and I are off the beach, do you wanna join us?'
This one was clearly a solo event.

I involuntarily did a little chick-skip; Andrea raised an eyebrow and said 'you may be in trouble here girlfriend'.  It was a funny moment .... and also a very scary one.

And so coffee was had. Two hours on Noordhoek beach on a balmy December morning.

Two relative strangers and yet a familiarity that took my breath away.

It was the beginning of an incredible friendship - this I knew with utter certainty.

The rest was too early to tell but interest was certainly piqued as he invited me to join him at an event in a couple of weeks time...and I accepted.

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Elexis Bringman said...

Smiling! xoxo

Ranger said...

loving you unfolding these moments as they will be there for you to go back and cherish not only the past but the future blogs to be written about this incredible person...... hmmmm that's you & him.... x

cat said...

See, your mom is a very wise woman. Some great company to be had it seems

Misty'sMum said...

Big 'Like' for this :) Takes a huge leap of faith to do what you've done, and you've done it. xxx

Wenchy said...

Breathe :) LIVE!