09 March 2016

Make Them Remarkable

Russell believed I was amazing. 
And he would often tell me so. 
I used to look at him in disbelief because he knew me SO well and despite 
that fact still thought I was this incredible human being. 

I remember looking him squarely in the eye and telling him :

The only reason I am who I am is because you love me unconditionally. Because we are a team.
You give me the courage and confidence to be exactly who I am at any stage of my life.

When he left this world the impact on me was so utterly devastating. It was as if someone had taken my roots and pulled them out. I felt lost, vulnerable and completely alone - like a toddler lost in a shopping mall. I was a shadow of myself. His love for me; mine for him - that was my anchor and safe place. The space from which I could safely launch myself into the world.

I will never take anyone I love for granted again. It can happen so easily, so surreptiously. 

Take stock of those around you - notice how they make you feel and make sure you sow back into that relationship and be part of making them remarkable.

1 comment:

Lynette Jacobs said...

He was right...you are remarkable...thank you for this reminder ♥