08 March 2016

Simply Tuesday

Tuesday started pretty damn well.

A drive to beautiful Kommetjie first thing in the morning, 3 cups of coffee along with lots of laughs with a very special friend.

Later I arrived home to find a builder mate of mine waiting to give me some input on changes that need to be made to my home.  He offered plenty of advice for me on how to go forward with some of the plans I have in mind and we engaged in some healthy trail and boxing banter (he's a runner too).

I was feeling normal. Like myself. And quite chipper actually.

I pottered back inside, found the kids all working quietly and doing their thing.

I wandered into the kitchen and before I knew what was happening I had begun to unpack some of the storage cupboards.

One thing led to another and suddenly I was overwhelmed by piles of stuff.

His stuff.

His office space. 

This happens. I feel good and able to meander through the day. I attempt to tackle the hit-list that is my home.....and time after time I am derailed.

My home is full of 'piles'. I just cant seem to ever get through anything. It is SO debilitating. I wish I could just tell someone to come in and take it all away but that is not an option.

I have to do it.

I have to allow myself the time but God alone knows how long I am going to live in a house full of 'piles'.

The kids were deeply affected today too; they discovered some of their childhood toys which opened up memories.

And then you have to pull yourself together. Because life waits for no-one.

Levi and I had an appointment for orientation at his new school so we dried our tears, put on loud, inappropriate music and did the necessary.

He knocked their socks off.....despite the fact that his mother told the HOD that I have absolutely nothing to offer them other than the stellar opportunity to educate my son...who will, in turn, make their school look good.

At least they know not to ask me to cake sales and camp-outs.


cat said...

Oh Mel, this must be tough. The tangible bits. It took my mom about 10 years to do away with my dad's stuff. My MIL on the other had has within 2 months almost done away with everything. I do think it has to do with you and your grieving process.

Lynette Jacobs said...

My dear friend. It remains a day at a time. You will get through this. I am so proud to know you ♥