18 April 2016

The Climb

This weekend saw me running the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge. Yes, another trail run but this race was different from all the rest. Obviously it is the longest and most challenging run I have ever completed but, from the day I signed up, I knew this race was going to be far more than the obvious.

There were many obstacles thrown up the week before race-day. Kevin picked up a knee injury,  I picked up an infection and on the night before the race unusual circumstances had me awake and upset until well after midnight....then to top it off, I woke up on race morning with swollen glands and a fiery throat.

Ridiculous opposition which simply made me more determined. We were going to run. Period.

Kevin taped his knee, we took copious quantities of varying (legal)  drugs and Sunday morning found us on the road to Stellenbosch at 0630.

The race was brutal, gruelling and painful at times. It was also magical, awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

The uphill climb was unending; it almost destroyed me until I remembered that looking up at how far you have to go is never, ever helpful. Simply keep looking straight ahead and find a safe place to plant your feet.

Keep moving. Keep breathing.

Very much like life. Beautiful and terrible.

Kylie and Russell showed up for us on that mountain on this exceptional day. We both had intensely personal experiences that left us with no doubt that our beautiful people continue to cheer us on as we pursue all that life has for us in this new season.


Karina Finger said...

Oh my darling precious treasured and deeply loved and adored friend of mine - I always say with God there are no limits and this morning reading your post - immediately my mind said - with Mel there are no limits - and you apply that to all area's of your life. You love deeply, you have lived deeply, you experience life deeply and you have let go deeply in order to continue to "live without limits" which to mean means OPEN sky's, OPEN heart, OPEN eyes and the most precious of all - YOUR OPEN mind that has led so many to FREEDOM in area's they could not JUST BE!! You are REAL, you are ABSOLUTE in YOUR TRUTH and you are a genuine friend for life and I treasure every moment I get to be with you and celebrate all area's of life... whether on the mountain top or running through that Valley . . . WELL done for KEEPING ON RUNNING..! I think you should write a book that says "Though you RUN through the Valleys of LIFE" . . . I think more of us need to RUN during those time and look up and at each step upwards towards that awesome ENDING that says WELL DONE!!!!! You did WELL........

cat said...

Mel - the two of you are so incredibly inspiring. Wow!