11 November 2016

True Grit

Today was Levi's first award ceremony as a SVPS pupil. I hate 'prize-giving' and have written many blogging rants on this subject but I was very pleased to see that this school has a unique perspective in the way they reward/encourage students.

Their curriculum and ethos flow strongly around the theme of developing GRIT in children with emphasis on the power of failing-forward, the positive power of struggle and the understanding of process versus outcome.

I sat in my seat listening to the principal and, at times, had to restrain myself from leaving my seat and high-fiving him.

I watched Levi on the stage as he sat with all his peers. He lights up when he is at school and I can only be grateful that the new path I felt best for him turned out so well. He walked away with an EQ award - I am not surprised - this boy has shown outstanding courage this year.

I am so proud of him.

Articles regarding GRIT and how important it is :



07 November 2016

Music Musings


It has always held much magic for me but never quite as intensely as the last 18months.

This weekend found me lying in the sun at a beautiful vineyard, surrounded by friends, listening to Watershed.

As I lay there I took notice of how happy I was. I took notice of the way my skin felt. I listened to my heartbeat. I touched the grass and I inhaled the scent of the man next to me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude but, in that same moment, a tinge of sadness seeped through my pores.

Sadness is not something I try to run from anymore. I find she often arrives at the most unexpected times and I have learnt to sit with her in comfortable silence. Sadness amplifies joy. She has shown me that with her I can taste life in colours I have never seen.

I let the music wash over me and smiled as the lyrics told me a story I already knew.

Tell her about today
Tel her about my stay
Tell her we better off this way
Tell her I meant to stay
I'll be back someday
But maybe not today

Tell her, tell her I'm going away
Tell her the wind will blow, on the day I go
And no-one else should know
Tell her I'll see her there, with the wind in her hair
And our angels in her hands
Tell her, tell her I'll be waiting there


Tell her, her heart is mine
I keep it with me all the time
Right beside mine.

I am no longer tortured by the duality of my life.

I love my life. I love what was. And I love what is.

And I look forward to what will be.