12 January 2017

The Line in The Sand

It has come to the end.

The FiveTribe blog.

I cannot write here any longer.
I cannot write anything that does not reflect back on the tragedy of our lives.

I have come to this space so many times in the last few months to try and continue our journey, in writing, on this blog.

I. Just. Cannot.

Five-Tribe was then. And now I have to move on and figure out the now. I need to find a new space that does not home so many memories; both so very good and so very painful.

I did not expect it to be so difficult to say goodbye To A Blog.
Just another facet of loss which is so much bigger than the obvious.

Thank you to so many of you for reading, supporting and engaging with me over the years.

11 January 2017


I don't quite know how I got here.

Time simply carries you whether you are a willing passenger or not.

The kids went back to school today. After five weeks of holidays. 
It was a very challenging time and I broke down pretty regularly. 

I find this all very, very difficult.  But then again I tend to find everything difficult, which is such a pain in the ass. I used to cruise through life with momentary lapses of introspection but now I almost feel like I live there. It's revoltingly exhausting. 

My morning found me dropping the kids at school...Levi now in Gr 5 and Rach in Gr 10. Faith and I, smug in our solitude, went off to the gym to start the day on the front foot.

Much of my morning was spent catching up with Mom on the patio, a little weeding and a little waxing ..... then a meeting with my first client who wants a complete branding overhaul. A significant amount of work to be done but I am in need of a new challenge and this looks like a great job to cut my teeth on.

I have registered for online (live!) web classes that start on 6 Feb to upgrade my current social media skill set - somewhat daunting but necessary.

The afternoon was spent doing the school run, covering books, dinner shopping and finally taking a very sick kitten to the vet....biliary!!! Rather shocking but am truly grateful that Faith noticed that little Luna LoveGood was just not herself.

Home to make supper for the very hungry, tired people in the house and finally, yet another trip back to the gym with 4 of the older kids for a short, sharp run and strength workout.

A very full first day of routine. Am ready for my bed and an episode of Homeland...and possibly even Weeds if I can stay awake that long.