20 September 2013

Impromptu Winter Getaway

It has been a very lazy few weeks partly due to shocking weather and the partly due to winter sniffles doing the rounds in our home.

Undeterred we snapped up a Groupon offer and headed up the West Coast for 3 nights. We made the most of our time at Club Mykonos despite less than ideal circumstances.

 The girls had their first mani/pedi which was fun for them - and kind of milestone-ish for me.

For the most part we spent our mornings out and about on the resort - there is so much to do! We played table-tennis, pool, foosball, mini-golf and spent a fun hour in the arcade playing token games.

In the afternoons we arbed around as 2/3 kids were not 100's so rest was required. Thankfully we had plenty of quiet things to do with series, books and games.

On our last day we drove into Langebaan for some tourist shopping - the kids each had a substantial amount of money to spend as they have all been saving. We transfer their pocket money directly into their Capitec account - they dont see it which means they dont spend it!

Was wonderful for them (and us!) to be able to buy what they liked independently.  I was also very impressed with the way they chose to spend their dosh.

Faith's purchases

I did splash out myself....on this little bikini. There was much deliberation - I even called my girls in to take a look-see as I know I can trust them to be brutally honest.....after much deliberation we returned to the store and I bought it! Now to ensure it doesnt end up in the tog bag under my bed with all the 'other' swimming attire I never wear....

Family getaways are becoming more important as the kids grow up. It is such a special time as we are all together doing the same things. Everyday life sees us all going in different directions with different agendas. Even though we may all be in the same house it certainly doesn't guarantee 'togetherness'.

I am thankful for Groupon and Daddys Deals that often present affordable offers that make impromptu little getaways a reality for larger families. We will definitely be heading back to Mykonos this summer.


Marleen Swart said...

What a wonderful time away you all had as a family. I too like these special offers on these websites. Make so much things possible through a cheaper price :)

cat said...

That looks fantastic! I can do with something like that right now

Lynette said...

It is so beautiful there. Just so very far.