10 September 2013

When Less is More

Sometimes there is so much to say that it is just overwhelming. Day after day I open my blog and sit staring at the blank page. Where to start? How much to share (bearing in mind my kids will read this one day, probably sooner than later!)

In some cases I truly believe less is more. At least when it comes to blogging. Not when it comes to clothing. ;-)

I will share in broad strokes aka bullets:

  • The man's business is doing well but not without significant time constraints and some serious adversity. He is working harder now that he has in his life; those that know him will realise just how big that statement is. The difference is that now he is ploughing into his own business - something meaningful but that still doesnt negate the pressure and stress that a new business venture entails.
  • I have come to face some of my deepest fears, look them squarely in the eye and realise that in this life nothing is certain and  one has to decide how to make your best play. In doing this I have discovered more about myself in 10 days than in the last 40 years. Aside from that I am almost 100% again after a very annoying cold that has lingered for 4 days - being silly-sick ticks me off; I need to run.
  • The man and I plan to our first half marathon together in November - we have registered for the Cape Point Run. We have done several short trail races together but never a half.
  • Rach is facing some new challenges at school - the life of a teen is never simple. I knew this day would come; some girls whom she has been friends with for years are making some 'less than stellar' choices and she has chosen to remove herself graciously from some situations. This has caused the 'mean girl syndrome' to rear its head with her on the receiving end. I would know nothing if i had not read the BBM's on her phone (she knows I do this from time to time)  - she deals with things quietly and internally. I have to say I am exceptionally proud of her - the shit has hit the fan and i can see that my girl has the tools to weather this storm. It is incredibly difficult to stand down, not rush in and defend her but I know this truly is her rite of passage into teen-dom and she is ready.
  • Faith is chilled. Happy, settled and enjoying life. She thoroughly enjoyed her first Eisteddford - dance truly is her passion. We have finished school for the term and are enjoying doing things like reading, drawing and learning to touch type.
  • Levi is Levi. Happy. Hungry. Busy. He is currently obsessed with warriors, armour and sword-fighting. The rest of the family watches Switched At Birth each evening and he plugs into the ipad and watches Xena. He is loving school and is looking forward to his performance in his first school play this week.


Marleen Swart said...

Life changing events sure do have a big impact on one's life and make one learn so much more about yourself. You are a strong woman to find the positive in this event. I am in awe.
You have raised a very independent girl, with what I read about Rach. I hope that I too get this right with my two children.
Enjoy the chilled time with Faith. Glad Levi is doing great :)

cat said...

Sounds like things are going we there. I have to day that I do think you can pat yourself on the back re the teen things.

Stefanie said...

Sounds good, well done. I too find the empty blog page over whelming at times, but I know in a few years time the snippets we save will be even more meaningful to everyone concerned.

Lynette said...

It is so good to read an up beat post. So glad things are going so well in your neck of the woods.

LG said...

Lots going on hey!?

Glad to hear things are going well with work though although I wonder HOW he could work harder?

Nothing quite like a scary thing to give you fresh perspective - but so happy all is well.

Teens - Yes. Not an easy few years but I know you guys are putting in lots of good stuff that will arm her well.

ANNE said...

great stuff Mel....lots of blessings and wonderful family!

Heathcote Safari said...

Well done, Mama Bear :-) Sending loads of love to Rach ... can imagine all the complexities and am super-proud of her strength of character and the way she quietly but assuredly gets on with things. Big love to all. x