21 May 2012

Happy Birthday Faith!

Eight years old! My fiery fairy has grown up so fast - and I couldnt be more proud of you the young lass you are and are becoming.

At 8 you:

  • are still sensitive to your surroundings and the moods of others
  • are servanthearted
  • can be quiet and withdrawn one moment and loud and rambunctious the next
  • have a special connection with all animals but especially dogs
  • are an early (but quiet) riser
  • love love to read and draw and make cards and doodle and create
  • watch The Troop, House of Anubis and iCarly
  • enjoy pop music (NOW 58 especially!)
  • have discovered the joy of Littlest Pet Shops
  • do tap, hiphop and modern dancing - showtime in August!
  • enjoy cuddles and kisses
  • love to give shoulder,neck massages (yay!)
  • happily make your own breakfast, lunch, snacks etc without complaining
  • love making tea for us

Our life is richer with you in it and we love you muchly more each passing day!

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