22 July 2014

Levi's Poem

The kids were bored a few weeks ago so we decided to do something unusual.

The brief? Look at this picture and tell me what you see. Levi was quite challenged but very pleased with his result. Below is the original, unedited result. :-)

the water hitting the rocks the moss growing green
the trees as high as the sky 
the lovly silver water rapids as fast as a cheetah
all green as far as the eye can see 
green green as you can see

as the vines hang down the leafs on the trees as bright green
as you no this place is very remote
leafes floating on the water moving and moving around in a circle
like a miracle in the water 
some grow some die some turn green some don't turn green
the wind blowing the trees


Heathcote Safari said...

Love it, love it, love it! I love a boy with a poet's heart :-) Tell Levi brilliant work!

Insurance Loss Adjuster said...

Absolutely wonderful.

LG said...

Stunning! Well done Lev! xx

cat said...

Great work