31 January 2013

Photo Post

Last night we all went down to the Fish Hoek Athletic Club to go and get a feel for how it all works. 
Every Wednesday evening they do time trials (3,5,8km) so I thought it would be great to do the 3km
trial as a family. The kids did superbly, sure, they had to walk occasionally but they finished comfortably in 20 minutes. Definitely going to make a regular family outing --- best is that it is free!

Levi and Russell approaching the 1.5km mark

Faith and Levi at the finish enjoying a well earned drink!
My tween sucking up the pain around halfway!

We have been enjoying incredible weather in Cape Town recently - staying near the beach has been amazing. The kids have learnt to bodysurf and also enjoy boogie boards. I will be much happier when the shark nets go up though....my heart is always in my throat when they are out there!

Since turning off our dstv there have been three dramatic changes:
1. less noise. (bickering and the noise of the dumb tv)
2. time spent reading has trebled, if not more
3. easier to get to bed at a far more reasonable hour

All three kids are avid readers; am especially happy to see that Levi is equally absorbed by a good book, winter is going to be epic at this rate!

6am on the beach with my coffee, a rare but wonderful occurence!

I really do hope to blog more often...life is still so seriously mucked up. We are moving out again next week as they return the fans to our home. Moisture level readings still between 300-400 and we need them down to 150 before floors will be installed. Eish. It's been a long road and still the end is not in sight. 


Ordinarylife said...

I really hope I dont' have similar problems with our floor. They are rescreeding out kitchen today. Yikes.

Stefanie said...

Thanks for posting that you've blogged again. It's the kick in the pants I need to come and check it out.
Lovely to see how big your kidlets are getting.

Lynette said...

It is wonderful that you can run as a family....and that you read together as a family too;-) That is precious. I am not a big TV fan and usually hit my bed by 9 o' clock with a book.

I missed your blogging. Praying that moisture levels in your home goes down and your floors get put in.

Flowrsinherhair said...

Loving the family togetherness here... Awesome captures!!!!

cat said...

Oh yes, TV is evil - we limit it a lot. And so many happy moments here