24 February 2014

Random Thoughts on a Monday

Yes, thats me sporting a new pair of +1's. Can't say I need them all the time just yet but reckon within the next year or two I will be glad to have them to hand. Especially in the evenings when I am trying to surf my iPhone is the blurry light.  I am not unhappy about this development as I have been waiting patiently to be able to sport the intellectual look.

It has been a good yet challenging week. Highs and lows like everyone else I guess. Highs include my usuals good friends, good reads, good coffee, good runs.

Lows include misunderstandings with people close to me and my lad going down with croup. Both have been resolved so I guess I can now count THAT as my high for the day?

This weekend I stole an hour and headed out to a nearby beach bar with a good friend and just chilled and took in the beauty of a summer evening in Cape Town.   I never do solo stuff on the weekend because its always been 'five tribe time' but lately every minute of my life seems to be 'all about the tribe' so I have decided to start to be a little more selfish. Yup, true story. I need to take time out and do my own thing and see my own people; even if it takes up time on the weekend.

My back hurts at the moment and I am unhappy about that. I have a race on Sunday and I really am aiming at a PB so this better sort itself out. FAST. It's nothing serious - I really just need to do more stretching and all that horrid boring stuff. Getting old is for the birds. To run I have to stretch - the trade off is worth it but the resentment is always there.  (rant over)

I bought another little desk (Dolly Varden knock-off) for Faith this weekend. Facebook is really paying off in spades….the little trade/swop group I am part of has really been useful! I plan to completely refurbish it and vintage-ise it for her. I will post before and after pics. I am, once again, in the throws of a myriad of refurb projects. I should have more time this week as Rachel is off on school camp for 3 days! Schooling just one child is totally going to be like a holiday!


Julia said...

The intellectual look suits you! I have also been feeling like my life is all about my own tribe. I need a break from them. Seriously. I am planning a weekend away. Sans EVERYONE. Sorry that you've been feeling misunderstood by those close to you - I hate when that happens and I am thrilled that your boy is better.
How did I miss that you are homeschooling both your girls? Did you not decide that Rachel would go back to formal schooling? You are BRAVE!

Marleen Swart said...

Like the intellectual look. Yes, we all have highs and lows. I am glad that you had some time for yourself with your friends.

cat said...

Oh we all need a wee bit of time for ourselves