13 May 2014

Notes from my desk

Faith made the semi finals for the Ackermans Style Squad - basically a competition to win the position of 1 of 12 fashion bloggers for Ackermans for 12months. Competition is stiff and am now navigating my way through how to help her manage the possibility of both success and failure.

For now we are just going to enjoy the pleasure of waiting for the courier to arrive with her first assignment …. all we know is it will be delivered by the 16 May and she has  to submit a finished product by 31 May.

In other news…..I have recently started hosting a group of kids in my home from about 1130 - 1330 to do some group learning (and messing about!) Today we had a look at the layers of the earth and discussed minerals and Mohs scale of hardness. We are doing more and more co-op type learning with a creative writing class (Kerrin)  a craft class (Carrie), a geography class (me), a historical class/activity (Tracey) and a Nature Study/Ambleside class (Joy).

All of these classes are fluid and subject to change as is the homeschooling ethos (at least for the group I move in) but it really creates a sense of community for the kids and kinship for the moms who are involved in the full-time education of their kids.

I am also enjoying interacting and using the skills of older homeschooled children. At the moment one is busy preparing to manage the murder/mystery activity for Rachel's birthday. Another is going to be featuring Faith on her photography blog 'Your Capture'.

In both cases these girls are acquiring skills that enable them to grow in their passion while also helping me/my kids in many areas.

With that I leave my desk to go and paint another coat on Faith's desk….only a week before her room makeover needs to be complete….Yikes, I see some late nights in my future.

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Marleen Swart said...

It sounds as if you are just as much enjoying the Homeschool thing as the children :)