12 May 2014

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a whirlwind. So much activity but all good.

Saturday morning saw us all at ParkRun. I was really impressed that my teen actually got out of bed at 0730 on a cold Saturday morning. No threats involved.

Russell and I are running with them until they are comfortable to run the route alone (probably from next week).

Rachel ran a 40min, Faith a 38min and Levi a 32min (with his broken toe!)

We came home, mellowed a little bit and then headed to town to fetch our race number for the Jive  Slave race on Sunday.

It was pretty cool to be in town on a Saturday afternoon, we met up with my D&S at Truth Coffee Shop (hipster hangout deluxe) and tried to have a civilized cuppa. This didn't really work out for 2 reasons

1. My kids were highly annoying. Seriously, they acted like they were all 5years old. The oldest being the main instigator of chaos. I had MASSIVE sense of humour failure.

There were moments of amusement. Very few but this was one.

2. The coffee was bad. Okay, not bad but highly average. The price was bad. R25 for an average cup of coffee really hacks me off however I settled on the fact that I was paying for their very above average decor.  Word of advice - go grab a takeaway coffee from Cafe on Greenmarket and then go take awesome instagrams of Truth interiors. ;-)

Sunday morning we were up at 6am and off to the Slave Run. It was such a fabulous experience. So well organized, very well attended and such a great community spirit. Rach ran a fabulous 37min 5k, improving her time by 3minutes.
We got a spot right on the start line. Lovely crowd.

Some serious hills greeted us but they powered on.
They loved the dramatic 'tunnel finish' with crowds really cheering them on.

After the race, Rachel said the words every runner-mom wants to hear:
'I get it Mom, this running thing. I get it and I can't wait to run again.' 
(I think I heard angels singing)

The medals….cos that is what gets them out there! ;-)

Mothers Day included the traditional insane omelette that only my man can make; heartfelt cards, thoughtful gifts, an attempted nap, some unwanted chaos and a visit to my own mom later in the evening.

All in all a weekend well lived. 


cat said...

Oh yes!

Marleen Swart said...

That's definitely a lot of money for an average cup of Joe :(
Love that your daughter is getting the thing about running. What a thrill to hear this from one's children in something you feel so passionate about, especially healthy living.