19 November 2012

All about the Little Man

Sometime I just wanna squeeeeeeze him!

Oupa got the clippers out!

Grade R orientation and a new best friend already - the little girl in the white shirt!

Carpet time at Orientation - such a lovely class for next year.
Action cricket with Dad - they won the tournament and let him hold the trophy!
Happy and exhausted!
The boy takes after his mama....just not a morning person!

Love taking walks with the dogs and the lad. Precious memories.


Lynette said...

I have to admit....I loved raising the boys! No sh*t and drama like girls. Gorgeous photos of your little man...love the last one.

blackhuff said...

I love all the photos of your son and love that you two take walks together.

cat said...

Oh that last picture is incredibly precious! Love the post

Julia said...

Ah man...I just LOVE your boy! He's delicious. x