06 August 2013


Our term is going well but we both miss Anne Frank. ;-)

Here is some of the work Lulu did around her life last term.

She loved learning about each person in the story

Understanding the key players in the story

We learnt about mind-maps - love her colourful rendition!

This term we have found that bouncing between the life of Mandela and doing Story of the World messed with the flow so we are finishing Book 1 SOTW this term and will do Mandela next term instead.

We are cruising through Math-U-See (MUS) Gamma and will probably finish up with this by the middle of the fourth term if not earlier. I am not pushing too hard as this curriculum is at Gr 4 level so she is well able to take her time and do plenty of consolidation. We will only begin our Gr 5 curriculum in the new year.

Life of Fred math continues to be our 'fun filler' when the drills of MUS get too much - Fred provides great humour and also shows her (us!) how maths is useful in EVERYDAY life.

With winter beginning to show itself we are enjoying knuckling down and working hard in our comfortable workspace - the kettle and toaster well at hand. Days like today I do wish I had all my sprogs home with me but for right now the other two are right where they need to be.

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