24 June 2013

Holiday Project

Bit scary putting this on my blog because now I actually have to do it. Or not I guess but that would be to admit defeat to all 12 of my readers. ;-)

I have this rather ugly cupboard that I bought from a friend many years ago. She had acquired it somewhere along the line with good intentions to restore it. I took it off her hands with the same idea in mind - the furthest I came along that road was taking it from white to brown.

all that stuff on top is out of another shelf that I am busy repainting!

This unit currently stands proud in my studio/classroom. It houses a TRUCKLOAD of stuff - it is big and has MANY drawers which means it is a clutter magnet but also incredibly useful if used wisely.

I have big plans for it. Grand plans that will take if from a studio clutter magnet to centre stage in my living area. Thankfully Annie Sloans paints will be available locally from 1 July which means NO stripping, sanding or priming required! Woohoo!

Stay tuned.

And pray for patience and perseverance for me. God knows both of these are in shocking short supply in my life.


ANNE said...

lots of potential there! Bated breath.......

Marleen Swart said...

I can't wait to see the end result of this. Enjoy the project.

LG said...

It's going to look amazing when it's done. I love projects like this, so rewarding.
Loved the pic of your round table, I've forgotten where I saw the picture, but it looks great!

allie. said...

Well you're doing great with finishing furniture projects so far so take heart!
The results of those should spur you on to get this one done so, enjoy the ride!
Love what you're doing with your furniture - its like a house make-over :-)

Lynette said...

I cannot wait to see the new refurbished cupboard.