23 June 2013

Weekend in Review

Much funner weekend this week with everyone able to get out of bed! Faith is still a bit under the weather but we were able to exit the house for a few hours.  

I have developed a wee 'bee in my bonnet' about redoing the decor in my house. As a person who likes to move house every year I find the only answer to NOT moving every year is to 

1. move furniture around. often.
2. move actual rooms around. often.
3. sell old stuff and get new old stuff.
4. occasionally buy actual new stuff.
5. re-do old stuff to make it look like new stuff.

I dragged my family on a little trip to Mr Price Home and managed to score this little beauty for my extremely oversized, under-utilized entrance hall. I do kind of love this space as it looks straight onto our pool and the mountains beyond. The winter sun pours in here and I do think I will be sipping tea and doing 'very important things' on my ipad in this space.

Raine is one of my friends that has stood the test of time - we move in very different circles nowadays but we have managed to maintain a close relationship despite only seeing each other once or twice a year. Thankfully that is changing as she finds herself at home now with 2 delightful little lasses and more time to kill. An impromptu coffee date at Cafe Roux was a rare treat.

Fathers Day last weekwas a total bust so we did our best to make it up to the Dad this morning. Tea (in the tent where he spent the night with Levi!) and scones for breakfast.

Loads of time on the couch reading his book followed by late afternoon drinks at Harry Goeimans - a family favourite hangout.

The kids are not quite as embarrassed or rude about their parents engaging in very occasional PDA's! Now I even have a few photographers to choose from! ;-)


Marleen Swart said...

Ocassionally I too get a bee in my bonnet where I want to move everything around in my home. This is like twice a year.

cat said...

Really, I actually do not like to chage things at all.

Lynette said...

I love the last photo of you and Russ. I can see you spending much time at your new table...iPad in hand♥