19 June 2013


Yes, after my last post all about happiness, contentment and soft toned living ...*pop* it all went a few days later.

I felt less than stellar on Friday. By Saturday evening both my girls were ill. Fortunately I escaped flu and had a nasty headcold while nursing the two girls through their first bouts with the flu virus.

Capetonians are weird creatures. Everyone always says 'oh, i had the flu last week' or 'we were all down with flu' when in fact they had colds. Colds are nasty, yes, but they are NOT FLU. 

I had a long chat with my doc about it today and we were having a good old laugh about it. I was saying how we (the kids and I) had never had flu. He was chuckling away telling me how many people he sees daily that come in complaining of flu when its just a common cold. Real flu is far less common than most of us realise.

Watching my girls this week - daily horrendous fevers (esp Faith), zero appetite and practically unable to walk from one room to another has left me eternally grateful that this is such a rare occurence. As all you moms know it is freaking heartbreaking to watch them suffer.

Thankfully he skipped the bugs and spent hours reading

So not a helluva lot to share from this last week. Suffice to say we have watched lots of tv, have eaten very little and slept even less. >_< I am heartened that the worst is over (please God) and holidays lie before us with great opportunity to relax and enjoy good health!

I did manage a little 'refurbishing' this weekend. In those small moments when kids were sleeping and I was sufficiently medicated. ;-)  Am loving seeing all my old 'blah' furniture begin to take shape with just a few licks of paint.

not finished but getting there


Vanessa said...

I had the flu starting on boxing day. I was in bed for TEN DAYS. Felt like veritable poop for a good month. Doc told me it was flu, and I was like, "BUT I'M DYING HERE!" and they said that with "real flu" the first week you feel like you're dying and the second week, you wish you would just hurry up and die already! I can relate!!

Good luck with getting everyone better.

Lynette said...

I was also hit with a terrible cold and stayed in bed yesterday. I got some great meds to stop the post nasal drip (which usually turns my colds into bronchitis).

Hope all your sprogs are better soon.

Raine Edwards said...

So sorry friend... Your girls (and you!) are amazing, really... So glad you are all on the mend. I too have only had flu once and they had to get the doc to make a home visit I was so bad! These peeps who have "flu" a few times a year KILL me!!! Big love to all of you and your specials xxx

Marleen Swart said...

I really hope that the girls get better really soon and that fever break as well.

cat said...

Oh gosh yes, flu is something totally different! I remember when hubby and I had swine flu and could hardly walk up the stairs without falling down.

So glad all are better - love your projects

LG said...

Hahahaha... Sam and I have had the same chat about "flu" and "a cold" and you are so right!

Love the redone tables! :)