12 September 2012

A feel-good kind of day

Today was just one of those unexpected feel-good days.

Started with everyone getting off to school with no drama which is always feel-good in and of itself!

From drop-offs I went to park my car to do a 5km time trial as I am trying to increase my running pace in preparation for a 10km road run next month. Trail running is an almost spiritual type of zen-like awesomeness for me....but road is all about DOING IT AS FAST AS I CAN because it really kind of has no other real purpose...at least for me. There is nothing 'zen' running alongside morning traffic!!

I then popped up to my folks to shower and have breakfast with them before heading to BEAUTIFUL Kalk Bay to catch up with Jeannie. We had to pop in at Big Blue and oooh and aaah over all the divine goodies before finding good coffee and pancakes!

At around noon we shot off to Noordhoek beach as I needed to take some 'selfies' for Jeannies Project 40 album - they came out beautifully especially after she 'apped them' a little bit more!

Isnt it gorgeous?

Being in Noordhoek I simply had to take the opportunity to share Monkey Valley with her so we nipped into Thorfynns for a quick coffee and lots of laughs before heading off to fetch sproglets.

Sharing coffee and wisdom and laughs

A wonderful, rejuvenating day!


blackhuff said...

That is most definitely a feel-good kind of day. And yes, when a parent get their kids off to school with no hassles, that is a GREAT start to that parent's day :)

Jeannie said...

best day ever. I have had so many good days this year. Thanks little buddy!

cat said...

That does sound like such a great great day