15 April 2013

And then a week had passed

Wow, a week has passed since my 'near perfect' day post. Suffice to say that it all went a bit pear shaped from Wednesday.

I am class rep for all 3 of my kids classes. It just happens. It didnt used to be a big job but it has become rather large of late as the school has decided that the class rep parents now make up the fundraising team. I do think that is kind of sneaky....dont you? ;-)

I spent a considerable amount of time last week emailing parents, looking for venues, making phone calls and all the rest that goes along with the task at hand. One of the other moms on the team is very switched on and really is a huge help to me....the rest kinda cruise and do only what is asked of them which makes it a little like carrying dead weight around. *sigh* Anyyyyway, the fund raiser is going to be the biggest one yet and we are going to do our damndest to make it AWESOME!

This last week has also brought the signifcant challenge of having my lovely man working from home. Well, from my desk in my studio. Yes. Need I say more? He does have an office in Kalk Bay but the ADSL is so dodgy he cant work there (he has given notice).

I tried to do it. I really did. But HELLS BELLS people, I am only human so by Sunday my little overflow had flowed over and words were spoken and plans were made. And all is well in our world again.

For now he will have to work from here until we find him new space - he will work from our bedroom which is very removed from the central workings of our home. And it is not a place I frequent during the day at all. Yes, not ideal but FAR MORE IDEAL than my studio!

I didnt run Wed/Thurs - had really really nasty headaches and felt sorry for myself. Not sure if stress or a virus but still am a little afflicted as we speak. Am sure it will pass though.

Friday I was very excited as I ran a 5km time trial and cracked a 27.40 which is huge for me. A good 2mins faster than my last PB and I havent even started speed work training yet.

In terms of running I am having a continual conversation in my head that goes a bit like this:

I wonder if I could run a marathon, I am sure I could!

Why the %$#@!! do you want to run a marathon? It is boring, painful and not good for your body!

Ja, maybe I should just concentrate on getting faster....aim at 10k races and the occasional 21k.
But, maybe in a year or two I should run a marathon! Just one. So I can experience it.

You SWORE you would not run a marathon, remember? You even told Lisa to HAUL YOUR ASS if you ever spoke about it. Remember?

Oh yes.....Um. Okay. Let me just go for a quick run now. We can talk about it later. 

Yup, true story, the dialogue in my head. Should I be concerned? ;-)


ANNE said...

what happened to the office over the garage?

Ordinarylife said...

I have that marathon conversation in my head all the time!!!

It is funny because as I was watching Ironman I kept thinking I had done that but never run a stand alone marathon. For some reason that scares me more. I mean, you are actually supposed to run that. Nobody expects you to run a whole Ironman run.......

I had entered Knysna last year, but it was cancelled..... Now to psyc myslef up for one this year.

Anonymous said...

I think you can run a marathon!!

Marleen Swart said...

Sjoe! What a busy week you had with emailing parents etc. You rock for doing that. That's not stress I want. Nope.
You sound a lot like me. Marcelle also challenged me to do a Half Marathon but that conversation also plays in my head. And I just don't have the time right now for it.

cat said...

That is exactly while I do my utmost best to stay off the comittes and regardless landed on the Princess' class this year after indecating "non electable". Well, thats how it goes.

I think working in the same space as my man will have grave consequences too

Run that marathon- you can just succeed or not - and then what? No harm done

Shayne said...

Working in the same space as your man DOES NOT WORK! I'm sure we've had this conversation before?

Well done on all the running, and yes, run a marathon. YOu can do it!