23 April 2013

Catching Up Part 2

Rock Academy finally have enough kids to make up a netball team! Rach has been there 6 years and this week she played her first match (after about 6 practice sessions).

The game was such fun to watch - they played a very experienced local team and they were pretty hesitant and conservative in their defensive play. Many parents, okay me, were on the sidelines encouraging them to get their 'fierce' on!

I gave Rach some tips to defend more aggressively and she said to me 'Mom, thats just rude!'

Yeah, well, I tried. ;-)

I took one of my trailee 'graduates' on one of my favourite little (but strenuous) runs in Silvermine this week. It was pure pleasure to experience her joy at the beauty on our doorstep.

Nothing like spending good time with friends of many years. Karina, Kim and I go waaaay back. We have been through so much together - infertility, broken hearts, marriages, illness, childbirth, work and church stuff but the overwhelming tone of our relationship is laughter and deep respect.

View toward Kommetjie from my bedroom window. I do love this time of years as the sunsets become a daily work of art.

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cat said...

I do find the netball way more agressive than the hockey! Gosh the girls are fierce and the Princess lacks that defensive nastyness.