09 April 2013

Rekindling Life

Today was pretty much near perfect.

Except for this last 10minutes where I yelled so hard at my girls that I now have a sore throat AND a headache. Somehow my kids have the propensity to get LOUDER as the evening gets LONGER. Unfortunately this is the exact opposite of how I am wired. If you value life you are to get softer and softer as the hours potter on. Suffice to say the evening ended badly. And I am not proud of myself but at least its QUIET.

Back to my near perfect day, shall we?

It started with a run to Kalk Bay where I met a friend. We fast hiked up Kalk Bay mountain and along, coming down onto Boyes Drive and then running back. All told I had covered a good 10kms and fitted in a wonderful 'catch up' time with Kim.

I headed home, showered, hammered out some admin and then headed to another friend to plan our Friday 'playdate'. I have decided to set aside time every Friday for a couple of hours to tonk around in my studio. And now I have a friend who will join me each week!
some in progress projects
my mom has been playing in my studio too


The kids had no extramurals today either so we were able to chill at home and take our time with homework.

The icing on the cake was that I had prepared a lamb stew last week and was able to simply defrost and serve tonight...without a backward glance. Yay!

Someone is beginning to appreciate the iMac!


ANNE said...

hope that sore throat disappears quickly Mel....hugs

blackhuff said...

Hie hie hie - can see why he is enjoying the iMac so much :)
So cool to see your mother enjoying your studio as well.
Glad that you now have a running buddy because I know you enjoy to run with someone. I prefer it alone.

cat said...

Somehow my kids tend to do the same! Drives me mad! Oh I love your playdate idea - wish I had that!