06 March 2013

And now what?

I only realised how much head-space this race absorbed once it had passed. 

I woke up on Monday; obviously not planning to run and I felt a bit lost. 

Like, okay, now what?

So I did what was necessary - I phoned my good friend, Farn, and we went to the Mugg for coffee and a post-race debrief. She is running the Two Oceans in a couple of weeks time so was keen to hear all the nitty grittys of my experience. It was good to have someone to talk to that I knew would not get bored by yet more 'run talk'.

From there I headed on home and did chores. And pottered. Weird.

Tuesday morning I decided to go to the gym, I needed to find routine again but was not keen to hit the road just yet. I did some half-hearted strength training and then headed to Builders Warehouse to find hinges for some windows that are falling apart.

Had a date with my Mom for breakfast and a catch-up. Not living there anymore (!!!) means we have to schedule time again; she is doing some fun stuff in her art journal which is inspiring me to get cracking again.

This morning I took my February photos to be printed and am doing my best to keep our 2013 photo album up to date. I am using the Project Life binder but not doing the scrapping part. Just photo and memo style. 

I also found 2 new cushions for my couch, tiebacks for my curtains and new drinking glasses. Haven't done a mall crawl in a while and it felt good to pick up these items which have been on my 'must buy' list for ages.

We are spitting distance from getting our floors. At this stage the painters are due to come in next week to repair all the wall damage. Once that is done the flooring guys will come do their bit. Am tentative to even think about it as I have been here before - expectant - and then had it all fall apart.

Now to gear up for a very busy afternoon with tap, vocals and a cricket match - all starting at 3pm....of course!


cat said...

You sound great - holding thumbs for those floors. I see we are doing Project life in the same way - just photos and some journalling and cards. I am so not a scrapper so it suits me well.

blackhuff said...

You sound so much better this week than last week. I am happy :)
It's cool that you have someone to talk about running. I don't have that IRL.
I'm glad that those floors are almost there to be installed in your home. Less stress :)
Love all the new things you mentioned here that you got for your home. For now I need to save any money I have on my two courses (which you can on my blog, my friend) :)

Ordinarylife said...

It is always difficult after a much anticipated race. Which just means you need to find another one....

Stefanie said...

Great to read your news again, been missing out.

Lynette said...

Would love to see your PL pages. Good luck with the flooring.