13 March 2013

Feels Like Home

On Monday the internal painters finally finished. They had a big messy job to do and they took their sweet time. I nearly did my head in watching them work. Seriously - I could have done it myself in the time it took 6 of them to finish. Fortunately I have learnt the skill of deep breathing - these last months have taught me that losing my temper is not going to help in any way.

Yesterday I spent the better part of 5 hours re-ordering the lower level of my home. I still have a ways to go as all the pictures need to be re-hung and that alone is a huge job.

Carnage. And this was taken an hour into clean-up.

I focused on sorting out the kid-zone. I put all their stuff away - stationery, games, art supplies, books - all in places they can FIND exactly what they need. I set up the wii and dvd player again. Everything HAS and is IN it's place.

The kids were like different people yesterday. Calm and kind to each other. I forget the toll this has taken on them. I can only see now, in retrospect.

We still have no floors. The battle continues with MES insisting the floors are dry and CREST floors insisting floors are not. Our insureres are the monkeys in the middle refusing to make a decision.
The Browns are going on holiday next week and quite frankly, are just happy to be in an orderly home. The battle can recommence again in April.

This morning I treated myself to an hour on the couch. With tea. And Suits. And I dont even feel a little bit guilty. Well, no more than normal. ;-)

and yes, that Is a milk crate the tv is on.  usually covered but havent got that far yet.


blackhuff said...

We do tend to forget what some stressful situations can do to our lovely children. I'm glad you are all back and relaxed.

cat said...

You guys certainly deserve some peace and quiet. Enjoy! And yes, battle later.

Vanessa said...

Everybody deserves a little Harvey Specter now and then (currently drooling over Season 2...)

Hayley said...

Oh yes, Harvey is a good way to spend an hour :-) glad things are moving along...have a good holiday.