18 July 2012


This morning dawned bright and still. The mountain was calling! I havent been on the trails for over a month due to the ITB issues and really bad weather.

FlowrsinherHair, a few of my other close mates and even my hounds joined me as we traipsed up the hills in Silvermine and headed toward the Hout Bay lookout point.

Luke and Honey awed by the view!

Takinga breather to appreciate the beauty.

I felt so alive, exhilharated and grateful to be in a place of such beauty, doing something that brings me so much joy AND sharing it with people who mean so much to me. Not to mention the fact that I was able to run with abandon, even down the hills, with no pain!

It is in the moments like these that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this thing we casually call LIFE.

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Lynette said...

If I had such beautiful surroundings I would also hit the trails...but sadly I will have to stick to the treadmill.