15 July 2012

Many Milestones!

School holidays are at an end. Tomorrow morning the alarm, will once again, begin its abuse at 630am. I will bravely and fearlessly get myself up and make my own tea - for the first time in 3 weeks.

Reflecting on these past 3 weeks a few things need to be noted:

  • Faith has brought me tea every morning.
  • Levi has made me toast in the morning.
  • Levi learnt to tie his shoelaces
  • No-one has ever woken me before I was ready.
  • Rachel as discovered the joys of Whatsapp. She and I have a steller whatsapp relationship that makes me smile. It seems she is well able to show her softer side through texting.
  • Levi lost another tooth.
  • Rachel lost another tooth.
  • I set up my creating studio again.
  • I bought a painting.
  • I created a new family wall collage in wood.
  • I hung pictures, pin boards and canvases, long overdue.
  • I made a frame for my instagrams - one that can be switched out daily.
  • I moved my dining room into our vast entrance hall - LOVE IT!
  • All 3 kids went to work with their dad at least twice these holidays.
  • I saw 4 movies : Extremely Loud and Up Close, Friends with Kids, Ice Age 4, Madagascar 3.
  • I made 2 mini albums; one for a friend and one documenting the build of our house.
  • I finished a mixed media painting.
  • I went to Jhb and met Kirsty and made strides in getting back to running.

And that is just a few of the highlights!

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