17 July 2012

Routine is the Bomb

Apparently you are termed 'boring' if you like routine. Back in the day I used to be spontaneous. Actually, that is a total bloody lie. I dont really have a spontaneous bone in my body.

I like to know there is structure and a plan. Otherwise I get antsy and a little bit spooked. School holidays (particularly winter ones) can spook me a little bit. While I do love the lie-ins and the pajama days the relentless lack of structure begins to wear on me somewhat.

Fortunately 3 weeks is 'just enough' holiday - the kids went back to school yesterday and I have been hellishly productive the last two mornings.

Today I faced my nemesis early - Pick n Pay was done and dusted in 20 minutes. I am currently trying to get all our pictures /  photographs and the like hung. It is a mission. A real mission for two reasons:

1. I should measure and I dont because I want it done quickly. So I get it wrong.
2. We have verrry high areas that I cant reach on our picture wall, I did get the ladder and I still cant reach. I did have thoughts of channelling my inner Tom Cruise but thoughts of falling through the glass with no-one to take me for stitches made me pause.

So for now I resort to more mindful activities like sorting out my cutlery drawer.

I said I had been productive. I never said anything about it being exciting okay?

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