18 July 2012

Yes, it's true.

I am a scrapbooker.

I know what you're thinking and you are wrong. Just the word 'scrapbooker' also makes me all cringey inside. I do prefer the word 'life documenter' - that is what I do - I use words + photos = our daily lives.

Since excising myself from facebook I have found I have more time to scrap again. Except for the fact that I seem to pfaff around a lot more than actually *do* anything.

I did have a flurry of activity late last week where I made an album for a friend but nothing much since then. I think I have suffering for 'overwhelmedness' which is a common scrapper malady. I am overwhelmed not only by my stash but by my photos.

Just the thought of looking, sorting, deciding on size and then printing is making me see double.

In an effort to gain direction, focus and inspiration I have amble over to Big Picture Scrapbooking http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/or help. The last time I logged in there was 2007!! *gasp*

I have signed up for 2 online classes by my 2 favourite scrappers - Stacy Julian and Cathy Zielske.

Cathy will be doing an online course on typography which is a lesser-known passion of mine - I so so wish I had studied design. Maybe when I get my mac I will tread this path!

Stacy, queen of quick and simple, will remind me that sometimes it is just about GETTING IT DONE and not getting weighed down by the process. Her class focuses on what she calls Finish Line Scrapbooking. I just love the sound of that. Finish lines are always good.

So I hope to be spending lots of time running....and scrapping in the coming weeks. (we wont mention the other boring tasks!)

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