30 August 2012

MiniVacs and Online Shopping

A spanner has been thrown in the works for our trip to Zanzibar....1Time flight carriers are folding which makes it far more tricky for us to ge there....looks like a flight to Dar Es Salaam and then a ferry across to Zanzibar....which could be kinda cool actually. We are looking at options.

The other consideration is going back to one of our favourite places on earth - the Drakensberg. We spent our honeymoon at Sani Pass Hotel and it would be awfully nostalgic to revisit 20 years later!

I have been hearing so much about Zando lately that I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Although I have been online shopping since I could type I have never bought clothing/shoes in this manner because it is such a mission to return stuff. Zando has been INCREDIBLE; I placed my order on Tuesday, received it yesterday and am returning it today. (They come and collect!) FREE deliveries and returns are key to a successful online retail store.

Yesterday morning Flowrs and I ambled through to Franschoek to go and meet a friend for breakfast - what a lovely way to spend a morning. Felt like a little mini-vac in the middle of a school week - can you say decadent?

Today I plan to potter and get some admin/paperwork filed. I may try steal an hour to peruse the material for a new online art class I am starting next week too. Let see how far I get!


blackhuff said...

That is exactly why we haven't booked the kids flights yet to their grandparents in Dec. Because of the uncertainty of 1Time. Which sucks if you ask me.
Sorry to hear about your plans for the anniversary not working out now.
Love the picture of you infront of Peacock Blue.

Jeannie said...

Doesn't Kulula go there?