21 June 2014

8 Years Later

Happiest when outdoors. And moving. Fast.

Levis is 8! He has grown up seemingly overnight - even the girls look at him and say things like:

Mom, I can't believe how fast the time has gone.


Ah mom, remember what a beautiful baby he was?

Quite unusual for me to hear them being nostalgic, especially about their brother!

It was a real struggle for him to go to sleep the night before - his anticipation was off the hook. (do you remember feeling like that when you were young?) It was doubly difficult for him as Russ arrived home from Gabs just after midnight and Levi woke up all excited …. had to break the news it wasn't quite morning yet! 

He was very happy with his pressies that included a new black (plether) jacket, Stormers blanket and beanie, cap gun, wooden model car and a R50 Marcels yoghurt voucher. He went off to school happily to share the morning with his mates.

We all picked him up after school and headed off to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 in 3D. I have to confess I nodded off a couple of times ( I was THAT tired) but it was apparently a good movie although not as great as number 1. No surprises there.

We then went on to Marcels for the yoghurt and to Joe's Diner for dinner. Rushed home in time to drop Rach at a party for the evening.

Levi's celebrations continued at home with his choice of evening activities which included watching Miranda, Ray Mears and Grand Designs until he fell asleep on the couch!

A tired, happy, 8yr old boy was carried up to bed.

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Lynette Jacobs said...

I do love this photo of you and him Mel. So special...the bond between a mother and her son.