22 June 2014

The Teen Party

The day finally dawned; Rachel has been looking forward to this for weeks. Originally the date was set for the 6 June but all her mates were writing exams so we had to postpone the party until 21st.

I made burgers, hotdogs, borrowed a chocolate fountain and had strawberries and marshmallows, plenty of chips and drinks and that was about it. A young friend of mine organized a scavenger hunt with clues and puzzles around the estate which kept them busy for almost an hour. The kids love the freedom of being out and about at night as a pack - there was much hilarity and silliness.

preparing all the clues for the scavenger hunt

Back at my place I had set up the outdoor furniture with candles and fairy lights and left them to their own devices.

It was a very easy party but definitely the LOUDEST I have ever been involved in in my entire parenting career.

the chocolate fountain hidden by sweet-frenzied teens.
 I took very few photos, kids this age detest the lurking parent with the camera in hand. I decided to let them be.

She received such lovely, thoughtful gifts from her mates - she was so touched. I really think this gathering came at the perfect time. Her friends have NOT forgotten her, in fact, they still consider her 'one of the gang' and this is obviously important at this age.

I have heard plenty of negative 'this is where it all starts' and 'now the fun begins' with regard to the imminent teens years. Thankfully I have heard (and witnessed) some far more positive aspects to these years. I am not naive - I have already begun to experience the roller-coaster but just because it is emotionally taxing doesn't mean it is all bad.

I am cautiously optimistic. On really bad days I tend to just lay low, choose my battles and wait it out. The emotion usually dies down as suddenly as it appeared.

Let this new adventure begin!

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