13 June 2014

Friday Funday

Today was somewhat different to our regular Fridays but we all needed a little bit of fresh air and downtime. The pace of our lives over the last 2 weeks has left even the most extrovert person in our home (aka Rachel) feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

We took it slow this morning and then headed down to the beach with friends to walk our many dogs. Charly was traumatized as I refused to bring her along until she is properly leash trained and more able to control her unruly emotions in public!!

This was Luke's first visit to the beach since his return to our family and it was fantastic to see his utter exuberance to be back on his turf. We also took them across to the valley wetlands area and there was much hilarity as Luke led dogs and kids into unknown, watery territories! You can view it here.

This afternoon has been quiet. I have to go and do a big grocery shop shortly but am taking deep breaths and promising myself a HUMUNGOUS tribeca coffee if I get everything on my list. (as oppose to dashing in for bread, milk and fish fingers knowing Russ would do the biggie tomorrow)

Inspired by a poem seen on a Facebook group today (written by a friend) I printed out some nature scenes and gave one to each of my kids. I have asked them each to write something - anything- inspired by that image.

Don't be misled….we don't do this as a matter of course but it seemed like a lovely thing to do on this quiet sunny afternoon and it should keep them occupied while I am out!

Perhaps I will post the results this weekend. :-)

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Marleen Swart said...

What a lovely idea you had to spent the day like this. And would love to read what they wrote. Your kids are so creative.