19 May 2013

Unusual Sunday

Today was unusual in a few ways.

1. I went to a church meeting.

2. I actually enjoyed it and did not wish I was elsewhere.

The church thang centred around the theme of WORK;  the subheadings being the fact that work is difficult, good and satisfying. The application of this in all areas of life is a natural progression from exercise to study to marriage. Hop over here and take a listen (seriously, have I ever done this?!) if you feel so inclined. CHANGE the way you approach your life.

3. I went for lunch with Flowrs sans family 

I dont generally do individual stuff on Sundays - it is pretty standard that we hang as a family or do family type outings. The problem now is that Flowrs works almost full time as do I! We both miss those carefree days of running in the mountains, indulging our creative spirits and debriefing over good coffee. We have both moved on in different areas and excited about where we are going BUT we are also determined to find time to stay connected and download all that is happening in our worlds....even if it means Sunday lunches occasionally!

4. I bought new boots.

Yes, I did! Flowrs and I wondered on it to Truworths and both fell in love with the same boots and both bought them without a second thought! One of these days they will have to feature in a **WIWT post! Flowrs and I share some strong commonalities in our dress sense although we both wear out clothes very individually - I fell in love with the top she was wearing aswell as her bag so am hoping to find them soon too. Luckily my gracious friend is flattered rather than annoyed by me assimilating her style.

**What I Wore Today


cat said...

Sounds like a great day

Secia said...

Disappointed - u promised a pic of those boots. !