10 May 2013

Whirlwind Week

This has been one of the craziest weeks I have had in a very long time. This morning I am literally sitting at home, still in my pyjamas, just pottering around to try and take a moment to just be. 

Last night I stole an hour and lay in the bath watching TED TV - I love listening to these quick, inspiring and often life-changing talks. The wealth of wisdom, creativity and ingenuity online makes for a great way to unwind without watching garbage.

In other randomness - I found these leggings for the girls. I think they are uber-cute! Rach is having a bit of a hard time at the thought of her nemesia aka Faith getting to stay HOME instead of going to school. Yes, she understands all the reasons. Yes, she understands why I wont school her now but its really really hard on her. 

Initially she was horrified at the thought of being schooled informally. That was only for weirdos and learning impaired kids....but as the week as unfolded she has learnt and seen so much more than has always been presented as traditional 'homeschool'. It really isnt for the backyardigans after all. Her time may come, we shall wait and see. It is not now.

This little poppet was a nightmare this morning. I don't know exactly how she is processing her last day but MAN she was grumpy this morning. 
Ratty and snappy and freaking out that she was going to be late and and and. My eyes were on stalks! She is always a stress-bunny in the mornings but today is was on supercharge...I totally thought she would be chilled.

Do you know she flipped because I hadn't signed her homework book? 
I am, like, whaaaaat? Its really not that important anymore Faith? 
(in my head, not out loud cos she may have eaten me alive)

I signed the homework book. I signed the reader form. And I packed in the cupcakes and she packed in all the notes for her peers. And then she cried a little. Not because she was sad. Because Levi was looking at her funny.

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